RI Veterans cemetery

RI Veteran Grave Flags

Welcome to the Home page of the Rhode Island Veteran Grave Flag Program

Program's Purpose

  • Recognize & Honor Every Deceased Veteran within the State of Rhode Island via the placement of a US Flag on their grave.
  • Ensure that only eligible Veterans are receiving Memorial Day Flags
  • Identify those individuals and groups that are flagging these Veteran's Graves
  • Provide a list and location of each Veteran buried in the state
  • Provide contact information to the program managers & the groups flagging in each cemetery
  • Assist groups in working as a team to provide improved & more complete coverage of every cemetery in the state, in order to flag more veterans in less time
  • Provide a location where dedicated citizens can reach out and volunteer their time to assist with this program

Website Instructions


You are on the home page, this page will help you to use and understand the program and website.


This page will explain just what we mean by the term Veteran, who is eligible for a flag and a breakdown of abbreviations and glossary of terms used throughout the website.


This page we introduce you to the Volunteers that give of their time to Honor the Men and Women who have defended our Nation & Freedom. You will find information on each group and find links on how to contact or join them.


This page will assist you in locating veterans who are being flagged in each cemetery in the state, a list of every city/town in the the state, a list of every cemetery within each city/town that has a veteran placed in it, contact information on the group or groups that are flagging that cemetery and a list of those veterans within the cemetery that are currently being flagged.


This page will assist you with the standards of flagging for this program as well as how to download and use the forms or e-forms that can be filled out on your phone in the field. It will introduce you to the data collection style we need to collect the information to populate the website.